Premium account for the first 1000 people for free for 365 days!


Sextet is a dating and social page! The use and posting of profiles is FREE!

Currently, as part of the promotion, we give out premium subscriptions for the first 1,000 people for the whole year, through which users can use all functions provided for paid accounts for free.

As part of the Premium account, you can:


  • conduct audio talks
  • use a video chat
  • Send streamly live video, so -called Live
  • create your own groups, public or closed
  • publish your own pages in the subdomains
  • see who read your message
  • see who visited your profile
  • view profiles invisible
  • Share photos during chat, and many other attractions, and enjoy the site without advertising


After the promotional period, you can still use the portal in the standard version, where you can view photos and videos made by other users, and their profiles, but without the amenities listed above, and with a limitation of sending text messages to 10 per day, or buy for a small fee of the premium version and enjoy versatility and convenience of the website.

The price per month of the Premium account service is PLN 30 50 in the promotion (this is a zloty per day)


Join us today and start making contacts!